English language services from native speakers

Jenny McIlwaine

I have been teaching groups and individuals for over 10 years and really enjoy designing and delivering language courses that specifically meet the needs of my clients. I use a wide variety of resources to ensure that lessons give my clients exactly what they need in an inspiring way. 

Before starting my teaching career, I completed a Master’s degree at St Andrews’ University, UK and then worked in Human Resources (in both private and public sectors) where a large part of my job was coaching, training and development. When I first moved abroad 15 years ago I completed the CELTA (Cambridge) teaching certificate and have been passionate about teaching ever since.

I teach General English, Business English and specific courses including: English for Telephoning, English for Presentations, English for Interviews and English for Customer Services.

Having lived in the UK, the US, Hungary, Slovakia and now Luxembourg I gained experience of learning and teaching new languages and overcoming communication issues. This has increased my understanding of the challenges that language learners can face and helps me to address these. To find out more about how I can help you please contact me at: [email protected]

 Business Services


Individual and Small Group Business/General English

€45-55 per hour

Private Students


Individual language training

 €40 per hour

Small Group Language training

 €25 per hour