English language services from native speakers

Harbani Singh

I am a native English language speaker and a CELTA (Cambridge University) qualified English language trainer. I have been teaching English since 2012. I teach 3 to 75 year olds to improve their conversational or business English and also help students prepare for school and IELTS exams.

I specialise in teaching 8-16 year olds by teaching them grammar through fun and unconventional methods in order to strengthen their language basics. I invest a lot of time in creating interesting lesson-plans using situational role-plays, interesting teaching tools (video podcasts, memory games, newspaper articles, flashcards etc.) in an environment relevant to the lesson. I offer flexible timings at a mutually convenient location. I can teach one-on-one, groups or through Skype. 

Teaching is all about learning and that is what keeps me going. I truly believe that everyone has their own learning style and each individual learns at their own pace.

Previously, I completed a Masters (MA) in Business Economics and a Masters (MA) in International Pubic Relations from UK.

Please find a list of training I provide below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected] or +352 691858519 

Business Courses

Rates (TVAC)

Individual and Two Person English Courses

€40 per hour onwards

Larger Groups (3 or more persons)

To be discussed

Language Training by Telephone

To be discussed

Private Students

Rates (TVAC)

Individual language training

 €40 per hour onwards

Two or more people language training

€25-30 per hour