English language services from native speakers

Donna Ellis

I am a native English speaker with 22 years experience of teaching English as a foreign language in Greece, Germany and Luxembourg.

I have taught students ranging from 5 years old to 60 years old. My classes (apart from children) have consisted of banking professionals, lawyers, tax consultants, and engineers, as well as teenagers studying for the Cambridge First and Advanced certificates.

When teaching privately my concept is to cater for the students’ individual needs. Concerning collective courses finding a subject that is interesting to everyone is a challenge however being animated and creative will conquer this.

Apart from teaching English, I have a diploma in community care from Shirecliffe College, Sheffield and in the past I have worked with children who had learning difficulties.

I am also available for online video lessons via Skype.

For further information please contact me at [email protected]

Private Students


  • Individual language training

 â‚¬40 per hour

  • Two to four person language training

To be discussed