English language services from native speakers

Andrew Stewart

I have been teaching English in Luxembourg for eight years, both in companies and to private students. Corporate clients include firms in the financial, technology, property and pharmaceutical sectors.

My approach is to help learners feel more confident and to communicate in natural, everyday English. I believe the key to this is variety - keep people interested and curious.

A trained economist, I originally practised in the private sector before joining the UK Government Economic Service. I then worked for JobcentrePlus (the equivalent of ADEM/APNE) designing and delivering programmes for unemployed people.

As well Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) qualifications and a Masters degree in Economics, I also have a diploma in Accounting and Finance.

Examples of courses and services offered are set out below. But feel free to ask if there is anything else you think I could help with.

For enquiries or further information please e-mail me at [email protected] (French or English)

 Business Courses



  • Individual and Two Person Business/General English 

 €45 per hour

  • Group Business/General English (3-4 trainees)

 €49 per hour

  • Group Business/General English (5-6 trainees)

 €55 per hour

  • Language Training by Telephone

 €20 per half hour 

  • E-mail writing course - 6 hours (up to 6 trainees)


Prices include all materials, assessment and evaluation

Private Students



  • Individual language training

 €35-40 per hour

  •  Two person language training

 €20 per person per hour